Hello You

I’m Michael Pick, a writer, producer, and content strategist.

I look a bit like this, only less miserable, less blue, and with less of a dystopian urban landscape dissolving through my face:

(Trust me, the dystopian urban landscape takes the edge off).

Work involves writing, copywriting, content strategy, and occasionally producing audio and video.

For five years I did all of the above for WordPress.com.

I’ve also {written/produced/consulted for} lots of nice people, including The New York Times, Genentech, WordPress, Scientific American, The Atavist, An Event Apart, TechCrunch, Simplenote, SplashPress Media, Brilliant.co, and scads of other startups, tech companies, publishers, and design/development outfits.


Things to do now

You could:

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Marvel at the inanity of my Twitter.

(You should probably say hello via the medium of email.)